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Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)

Provincial Nominee Program Explained

Provincial Nominee Program

Provinces / Territories in Canada have their own Provincial Nominee Program that follows their own selection criteria Those willing to immigrate to Canada and do not meet the required points to get qualified for any specific immigration category may look into PNP program and re-assess their eligibility against various PNP programs. The applicant needs to decide which province they want to settle prior to applying to the Province / Territory.

How Bir Immigration Services can help you in the application process?

As a regulated Canadian immigration consultant, we are authorized to represent our clients and guide them through the process from the journey of Express Entry Profile Creation until Landing in Canada.

You get 600 points if any province nominates you

After your profile is selected by any Province, you will be awarded 600 additional points that will help you to quickly get invited to apply. The province or territory will contact you directly and send you a paper copy of your nomination certificate. (If you already got 600 points for a job offer, you will not get more points for a nomination. In either case, the additional points only apply once.)